Stretch Netting

Trans-Consolidated Distributors has been a leading stretch film supplier since 1988. With distribution centers strategically placed from coast to coast, TCD will get you the pallet wrap you need, when you need it, and at the lowest possible cost.

Stretch Netting

A cost-effective way to unitize pallets when ventilation is required. Designed to be used on conventional spiral wrapping machines with no alterations necessary.

It’s easier and faster to apply than conventional strapping resulting in lower material and labor costs.  The netting is 100% High-Density Polyethylene and can be recycled or easily compacted for efficient disposal.

The common denominator for all uses of Netting is the need for the palletized goods to “breathe”.  If condensation formation on the inside of stretch film is a problem, the use of the net is an efficient, cost-effective method of alleviating the problem. If goods require a well-ventilated area to cure or cool down.

Product DescriptionSizeRolls / PalletRequest Quote

Hand Stretch Netting

20″ x 3300′80

Machine Stretch Netting

20″ x 10000′
30″ x 10000′

Stretch Netting

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