Anti-Static Stretch Film

Trans-Consolidated Distributors has been a leading stretch film supplier since 1988. With distribution centers strategically placed from coast to coast, TCD will get you the pallet wrap you need, when you need it, and at the lowest possible cost.

  • For use in pallet wrapping products that are sensitive to static electricity
  • Protects from the elements and ESD damage
  • Reduces the static that is generated when using ordinary stretch wrap
  • Clings tightly to itself without tapes or straps and is puncture resistant
  • End users include manufacturers of electronic equipment/ components, flammable products, chemical and paints
Anti-Static Stretch Film

Product DescriptionSizeGaugeRolls / CaseRequest Quote

Anti-Static Hand Stretch Film

Color: Pink

18″ x 1500′804 Rolls Per Case

Anti-Static Machine Stretch Film

Color: Pink

20″ x 5000′8040 Rolls Per Pallet